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Certified Caregiving Training

With free basic first-aid and basic computer packages

Course Overview

This course aims at equipping the students with knowledge on care giving to the vulnerable in the society starting from elderly, patient, disabled people and children.

Area of coverage

  • Training on senior care providers
  • Training on disability care and support staff.
  • Training on child care and protection
  • Train on patient attendant

Patient Care

Patient’s needs a lot of care, understanding and compassion. They need assistance. The Patient care will be trained to competently handle and give assistance to a patient, record their daily progress, analyze and give reports to their supervisors.

Senior/ elderly/ older adults Care

The elderly requires understanding and companionship. Therefore all Senior care supporters ought to be exemplary passionate about their work and hence this course will give you the best training in handling the elderly competently and efficiently.

Disability Career and Support Staff

This being an emotionally vulnerable group they need Care with expertise to handle them daily for emotional support, physical support, personal hygiene and some mobility. This course offers disability care and support staff the opportunity to perfect their passion in this area.

Child Career and support staff

This is a vulnerable group and unique group of growing kids. They need protection and nurturing. They require a lot attention and observation. They need a lot of time and care. The Student will be trained on how to handle this group with expertise hence they will graduate as trained trainers.


Grade: open entry

On completion: we give a certification at the end of the course and link our students to the employer in that field, both local and international.

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